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Autographed Helmets, Footballs, 8x10's, etc.       Die-Cast Registered Collectibles

Figurines, Bobbleheads and Statues          Custom Art Collection and Displays

Vintage Books, Programs And Periodicals          Redskins Trading Cards

 Rare Vintage Collectibles          Redskins Pennants



Worth over $18,000 - Collector's Appraisal


Financing Available

Make an offer on the Collection, offers over $3,500 only please. Please include your name, email address and contact number. Feel free to ask any questions. You may call but only call if you are VERY Serious about buying the collection, otherwise email me inquiries and offers. All offers and information will be kept confidential. Financing is available through Paypal at a pretty good deal or other financing options can be worked out.

Email the offer to:

Redskins Collection Contact Number: (760) 899-2957



The collection is already packed in boxes and ready to be shipped!

11 large, heavy boxes are to be shipped. If you live West of the Rockies, I might be willing to hand deliver the collection, (Imagine that). Shipping the collection 'freight' through a specialty company probably is cheapest. My estimated shipping cost is $250 using a freight company. That is all I will charge, I will pay the difference if shipping is over the estimated $250, if happens to be below the estimated $250; we will subtract that from the final price that is met.



A Checklist is sent with the collection, so when you unpack, you can check off the items, to make sure all is there. The checklist is exactly the same as the listed items on the homepage.



Home   |   Make An Offer   |   Picture Gallery   |   Shipping

Email Offer Or Any Inquiries to:

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