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Authentic Super Bowl Patches Display

Patches from all 5 Redskins Super Bowl visits. 

As worn on the Super Bowl jerseys; with History plates.

Glass framed, reverse matted. Patches are sealed in polyplastic


Signed Clinton Portis Jersey Display

Framed in CherryWood, with trading card


Joe Gibbs Hall Of Fame Induction Shadow Box (Custom)

With Official Gatorade Collector’s Pin


**Very Rare** “Gibbs Is Back T-Shirt

Framed, given out in limited supply before 2004 season


Redskins Super Bowl MVP Display

With history plate and vintage trading cards of all 3 Redskins SB MVP’s

Custom designed and framed in antique style


Forbes Magazine Redskins) "1st Billion Dollar Team”

Framed shadow box with Burgundy and gold trim


***Custom lithograph only two of its kind*** 

Only 2 were made one for me and one for him.

Sent to Clinton Portis' house where he signed it

Custom framed, double matted in Redskins colors.   


Custom Print ‘Hoggettes’ 3-D Display

Shadow box 3-D, signed by the Hoggettes


3-D : ”History Of The Hogs” Display (Custom designed)

Framed and reverse matted.


50th Anniversary Patch Display

Framed in antique design.


Custom 70th Anniversary History and Patch

In cherry wood frame


Redskins Fight Song Display

With words to song, vintage pic of band and history

Framed in cherry wood.


Replica Tickets of All 3 Super Bowl Wins, with Litho Redskins logo

In steel reinforced high grade frame


“Hail To The Redskins” Vintage Music Sheet Display

In cherrywood frame with double Redskin colored matting


“Sock It To ‘Em Skins” Vintage Bumper Sticker (Circa 1968)

Framed and matted for protection


’91 Official Redskins Calendar, SB XXVI Win Year

Framed in glass for protection


Custom Redskins Collage by ‘Auroa Designs’

Framed in cherrywood. With jersey patch.


Collection Of Vintage Redskins Pins

Framed in cherrywood shadow bow.


Redskins Grade-A Collectibles shadow box

With limited edition antique collections inside


“The Redskin” Official Program, Nov. 11th 1956

Redskins vs. Lions, Chief Lone Wolf Kiowa on Cover

In ‘suspension’ frame


Vintage Trading Cards, With Joe Theismann signature

Framed in antique design.


Vintage Trading Cards, With Charley Taylor signature

Framed in antique design. (Mint condition, but not pictured on this site)


1992 Redskins Super Bowl Team, 

‘Upper Deck’ Trading Cards Collection

Custom framed with Redskins colored double matting.


’88 Redskins Super Bowl Team, 

‘Score’ Trading Cards Collection

Custom framed with Redskins colored double matting.


Darrell Green, ‘Through The Years’, 

Trading Cards Collection; Some Vintage Cards

Custom framed with Redskins colored double matting.


’05 Redskins Team, Topps 50th Anniversary Display

Custom framed with Redskins colored double matting.


Complete 1st Run of ‘Peter David’ Pins

All 5 Super Bowl pins and 3-Time SB pin.

In a Grade-A, cherry oak shadow box.


“Washington is a #1 Power!” (Larry Brown, cover)

Sports Illustrated, Original Print, Nov. 11th 1972

Framed Antique Design.


“Wham! Bam! It’s The Redskins!”  (Beat The Cowboys!)

Sports Illustrated, Original Print, Jan. 31st 1983

Framed Antique Design


Misc. Prints And Lithographs (In protective sheeting)

Includes: “The Diesel”  ~  “The Master Mind”  ~  Captain Joe

“Fun Bunch”  ~  “Pride Of The Redskins



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