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Vintage T-Shirt

SB XXII: 1987 NFC Champs

SB XXVI: 1991 NFC Champs

Ready to be mounted and framed


All 3 Redskins Themed Wheaties Boxes

Redskins have appeared on three of these highly collectible cereal boxes.

Each box is still sealed, 1st run.

Mint condition with original contents still in box.

Each separate box comes in the “SportsCubes, LC” clear acrylic container.

(The official container for Wheaties boxes)


Official NFL Ball From SUPER BOWL XXVI

Never used during play, Win over Buffalo Bills


Vintage Coke Bottles (Still sealed with original contents)

Includes: 50th Anniversary  ~  Super Bowl VII 

Super Bowl XVII  ~  Super Bowl XXII


  6-Pack Coke from Super Bowl XXVI

Commemorative Edition, Still in original plastic figuration

Designer acrylic display with etched Redskins emblem on front


Nerf Super Bowl XXVI Spiral Football

Special Limited Edition Release, from Jan. 26 1992


All 3 Redskins Super Bowl Win Chrome Pocket Pro’s

Limited Edition Commemorative Helmets, Pro-Line Series


Complete Super Bowl Beanie Babies Collection

Highly collectible Bears, in Mint Condition.


1st Edition Redskins Themed Beanie Baby

1st Year that these NFL Licensed bears came out


RARE! Vintage Redskins Seat Cushion (2 of Them!!!!)

1981 Super Bowl Year (with  feather tucked, Very Rare!!!)


Official Seat Cushion from Super Bowl XXVI


Complete Vintage RC Cola Redskins Collection (Circa 1976)

Including: John Riggins, Joe Theismann, Ken Houston, Charley Taylor

Chris Hanburger, Mark Moseley, Calvin Hill, George Starke, Pat Fischer, etc.


MVP SB XXVI: Mark Rypien Collector Plate

Very Rare, Ceramic Hand-Painted 

Gold trim plated with Rypien’s signature in gold


Redskins Crystal Display

Crystal with etched Redskins emblems inside

Stand included which rotates, changes colors and has blink options  


Vintage 'Starting LineUp' Super Star Poster Series

Includes: Mark Rypien  ~  Earnest Byner

Pull-Out Posters, Still Folded, Mint.


Redskins Collector Marble

In sealed acrylic case


Redskins Music Sheet for “Hail To The Redskins”

Official Music Sheet from the ‘70’s

As are given to the Marching Band

Two of them; one in protected plastic and other is matted and framed.


Four 'Marveal' Collector Paper Airplanes

Very Rare! In two acrylic displays (great detail)


Vintage Collectible Redskins Fishing Lure

By Oxboro, Officially Licensed, Original package


Vast collection of glasses and mugs

Including vintage rare collector glasses from all three Super Bowl wins.

Collector Steins, coffee mugs, full glass and shot glasses.


Vintage Box Game Of Checkers

Mint. Pieces still in bags. Redskins vs. Cowboys


NFL Ornament Collection

Redskins Issue Collectible


Vintage Redskins Indian Doll (1982, Rare!)


Vintage Super Bowl XXVI Hat

NFL Licensed, Official Issued


Vintage Redskins #1 Coffee Mug


Vintage Mega Phone (circa 1985)


Redskins Training Camp Helmet (Limited Edition : Special Series)

Mini Helmet by Riddell, Pro-Line Design


“Fed Ex Field” by the Danbury Mint



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