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Autographed Helmets

Click picture for detailed photo

(All Riddell Pro-Line Helmets F/S and Mini are top quality design with foam

inserts and full metal face masks.)


Full-Size  Riddell Pro-Line  Helmets


team_auto_football_1.JPG (125734 bytes)        team_auto_football_4.JPG (89917 bytes)        team_auto_football_3.JPG (152355 bytes)    


MVP_auto_football_3.JPG (114537 bytes)        MVP_auto_football.JPG (131562 bytes)        MVP_auto_football_2.JPG (126897 bytes)


Riddell Pro-Line, Full-Size Helmet, ‘Custom NFL Redskins MVP Design’

Signed by all Three NFL MVP’s

Larry Brown “’72 - Joe Theismann “’82” – Mark Moseley “83”


Riddell Pro-Line, Full-Size Helmet, Official Play Design

Signed by the entire 2004 Starting Team 

To commemorate Gibbs' Return




Autographed Riddell Pro-Line  Mini Helmets


rypien_MVP_helmet.JPG (117516 bytes)     riggins_SB_MVP_helmet.JPG (44034 bytes)     manely_helmet.JPG (51428 bytes)     Riggins_HoF_helmet.JPG (81004 bytes)     


hanburger_helmet.JPG (38828 bytes)     taylor_helmet.JPG (95402 bytes)     mini_dudley.JPG (30095 bytes)     mitchell_helmet.JPG (36518 bytes)


spurrier_helmet.JPG (109336 bytes)              Rypien_MVP_Display.JPG (118773 bytes)


Riddell Pro-Line, Mini Helmet

“Hall Of Fame” Collector’s Helmet

Signed by John Riggins, written with “HoF 92”


Riddell Pro-Line, Mini Helmet and custom design display case.

Mark Rypien signed helmet with "SB XXVI MVP"

To commemorate Super Bowl XXVI MVP


Riddell Throwback Mini Helmet, Lombardi “R” Design

Signed by Charley Taylor, written with “HoF ‘84”


Riddell Throwback Helmet, Indian Spear Design,

Signed by Chris Hanburger, written with “#55, 70 Greatest Redskins”


Riddell Throwback Helmet, Vintage Gold and Maroon Stripe Design

Signed by Bill Dudley, written with “#35, HoF ‘62”


Riddell  Pro-Line Mini Helmet

Signed by Dexter Manley

Riddell  Pro-Line Mini Helmet,

Signed by John Riggins, written with “SB XVII MVP”


1- Riddell  Pro-Line Mini Helmet, Steel Face Mask Design

2nd Signed by Mark Rypien, written with “#11, XXVI MVP”




Autographed Footballs


ervins_football.JPG (61745 bytes)     houston_football.JPG (123988 bytes)    wqefre2qqqc.JPG (53310 bytes)


Sanders_Clark_Auto_Ball.JPG (34668 bytes)     theismann_auto_football.JPG (98459 bytes)


may_football.JPG (33787 bytes)


Kenny Houston  ~  Joe Theismann   ~  Ricky Ervins

Mark May   ~  Gary Clark  ~   Ricky Sanders  ~  Steve Spurrier


Autographed 8x10's

All but one are glass framed


8x10_1.JPG (113415 bytes)        8x10_2.JPG (105008 bytes)



rypien_8x10.JPG (98979 bytes)      dudley_8x10_auto.JPG (73948 bytes)


Hoggettes_Autograph_Frame.JPG (72682 bytes)


  Daniel Snyder  John Riggins  Joe Theisman  Larry Brown

Steve Spurrier  ~  Mark Rypien  ~  Don Bossler  ~  Bo Dudley



Over 20 Custom Acrylic Shelving and Stands are included.


IMG_0986.JPG (147068 bytes)



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